1. When will I get my order?

We use a process called Purchase Activated Manufacturing, which means we don't keep any inventory and we manufacture on demand. Since our garments are made after your order is placed, our turnaround time is 3 weeks (15 business days) from the order date. Please note, this does not include shipping time. If your order has exceeded the 3 weeks, please feel free to reach out to our team and we will be happy to give you an update.

2. How do I know what Size I am? Does your sizing run similar to any other brands?

All brands are very different in the sizing they offer. Most athletic minded apparel retailers only cater to smaller sizes. We felt strongly about offering an inclusive size range to our customers. We worked hard to build a XS-6X size range, plus offer length and fit options so we can truly provide something for every body shape and size. Please refer to our size charts with body measurements here and beyond that please feel free to contact our team and we can send you a fit kit to try before you buy.

3. What is a fit kit and how do I get one?

Just contact our team via our contact page on our site, and let us know the type of product you are interested in (shirts, bottoms, etc.) and the sizes you think you may want to try on (say a medium and a large) and for a $25 deposit we will ship you a couple of items to try out. Once you know what size you need to order, simply ship them back and proceed to order the size you need. We will also send you a $25 discount code to use on your first order!

4. What if I need a fit kit for my team, or a whole size run of samples to try on for fit?

Easy. Deposit on more than 3 items goes up to $50, again you will be credited when you place your first order.

5. My computer screen is funny about color, how do I know what color I'm getting?

No problem, just request a color swatch and we will send one out. If you are getting a fit kit already, just request a color swatch at the same time and we will send it all together for you.

6. Why do I have to put my name in prior to checking out?

Because your garment is made just for you, we add your name into the label. If you prefer a nickname, first name only, last name only, or basically whatever you want (as long as it is not legally infringing on any other names that would be trademarked - please don't try to get us in trouble!). I have had clients put "Best Golfer", "Number One", or "Future Club Professional" in that box and we will make it that way!

7. I am in charge of buying swag for a Chapter event, how can I get bulk pricing?

Send us an email with the items you are interested in and the quantity, and we will get you an amazing price! Don't forget our swag is customizable too!

8. Have more questions? Contact us!