Terms and Conditions

Thank you for supporting Ontal and WWPstyle brands!

Just a couple quick notes -

1. Our production policy is outlined on every product we make, but here it is again in case you missed it:

Because every piece we create is made custom with your name on it, we are not able to process returns based on fit, color, or any design discrepancy. That being said, if your apparel is damaged, has a quality issue, or we made a mistake when filling your order, please contact us right away and we will work to correct it. Since our garments are made after your order is placed, our turnaround time is 3 weeks (15 business days) from the order date. Please note, this does not include shipping time.

2. We are a proud vendor partner of LPGA Women Who Play, and use their logo in accordance to their brand standards.

3. For additional (boring and legal) terms and conditions, please refer to our main site through this link: Click Here for Terms and Conditions